Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Benefits of yoga is not just limited

Benefits of yoga is not just limited to the body's health but also mental health. No wonder more and more yoga enthusiasts today continue to increase. When done on a regular basis there are multiple health benefits that you can pick from practicing yoga movements. 

1. Reduce migraine
Research shows doing simple movements such as the neck and head as well as the movement pulled back muscles is beneficial to reduce head pain episodes including the degree of keparahannya.

2. increase sex
Pelvic and abdominal muscles are trained as a result of routine do cobra pose, triangle or will make you more passionate. The suppleness of the body yoga enthusiasts also makes various sex positions seem not difficult anymore.

3. Make sleep more soundly
A combination of meditation, breathing and movements of yoga sport would make the body more relaxed so that could help overcome insomnia.

4. Reduce back pain
The practice of yoga session twice a week instead of just making better posture but also will reduce complaints of back pain.

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